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Can't open AnimeKisa?
Your ISP or country is probably blocking the access to AnimeKisa. Here are two solutions:

(FREE) 1. Setup the free and private DNS by Cloudflare to go around your ISP's blocks: click here
(FREE) 2. Try using a VPN such as Windscribe. Has 10GB monthly for free, and if you want premium you can get custom plans for as low as $1/m.

What's the AnimeKisa website?

AnimeKisa is a website where you can find and watch anime for free. AnimeKisa does not distribute any videos, rather uses bots to crawl many third party websites for third party players that already host the files. Quite similar to what Google does, but focuses only on anime and a good lucking user interface.

Can I watch anime at AnimeKisa?

Yes, everyone can. Unfortunatly some countries, instead of going after the people that upload and distribute the anime, ban AnimeKisa. For that there we've written a workaround above.

What does anime stand for?

A work of animation made largely by, or in collaboration with, a Japanese animation studio, and by a largely Japanese staff.

Why can't I find anime XXXXX in AnimeKisa?

Try searching just part of the title, try searching using the Japanese title as well, not only the English one. If none of these help, maybe it hasn't been added yet.